Signature Menu


Mirage Chicken

Fresh chicken breast with sumac and
fresh spices

Starting at $7.95


The Works

Mixture of beef and lamb with
fresh spices and roasted pepper

Starting at $7.95


The Falafel

Crispy fresh chickpea falafel with
fresh herbs and spices

Starting at $7.95

New York's Finest
Middle Eastern Cuisine

Magic Hot Sauce


Our House made Magic Hot Sauce uses Fresh Ground Chile Peppers, Garlic and secret blend of spices. This sauce will spice up your taste buds.

Magic White Sauce


Our House made Magic White Sauce is a mixture of Fresh Garlic, Pure Olive Oil, Salt and Lemon. This sauce is the perfect compliment to both our wraps and bowls.

Fresh ingredients.
Healthy spices.
Magical marinades.

Our Fundamentals

Look out, New York. Mirage Kitchen is here to redefine
Middle Eastern Cuisine


Fresh ingredients

We only source nutrient-dense,
in-season produce and proteins from local purveyors
that we trust. Our highest quality
meats are hand-carved and freshly stacked daily, cooked to a juicy perfection on our rotating shawarma machines.


Spices with benefits

We use a unique combination of seasoning and other key ingredients that blend together to elevate your senses and get your brain to think a little smarter.


Marinade magic

Our kitchen is open and our ingredients are transparent, but our 24-hour marinating process for our Mirage Chicken and The Works is our little secret.

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