Mirage Kitchen is a modern reimagining of
classic Middle Eastern street carts,

serving delicious sandwiches, meat platters, falafels, and more.
By taking the halal off the streets
and into our beautifully designed kitchen in West Village,
we took our first step toward our goal of crafting food
that’s better than the status quo.

Our Story

Our team is committed to food that’s not only delicious and healthy,
but also fun! We focus on using exciting ingredients in creative ways to make
clean food that’s good for your health and our community.
To do this we use fresh vegetables sourced locally, all-natural meats
slow-roasted in house and a complex array of spices to produce bold flavors.
We know this sounds too good to be true, but Mirage Kitchen is no illusion
and we’re here to stay!

Our Cuisine

We offer a variety of authentic and tasty Middle Eastern dishes. Our menu includes our famous Mirage Chicken, Classic, Garden, and Fiery Falafel, and our delicious beef and lamb shawarma we call "The Works". Our Chickpea Fries have are a popular Mirage Kitchen favorite! Our flavors are one of a kind, and our prices can't be beat. When you're looking for fresh and delicious Middle Eastern cuisine, Mirage Kitchen is your best choice.

Unmatched Value

Delicious and authentic shawarma sandwiches, bowls, and falafel can be found at Mirage Kitchen. Where else can you get premium quality Middle Eastern dishes at every day prices? Our authentic spices and fresh ingredients we use in our time honored recipes will have your taste buds begging for more. When you want delicious and healthy food at an unmatched value, come to Mirage Kitchen!

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